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Sanctuary: A Hunted Novel, #2

Length: 293 pages5 hours


Hunters don't care if you are a man, woman, or child. They'll kill you anyway. 

Tess Monroe is a werecat on the run. Her family is missing and she's suffered a serious injury. By chance, she stumbles upon a shifter haven. Determined to reunite with her loved ones, she accepts the help of Nate, a werewolf. The attraction to Nate is instantaneous and Tess trusts him despite his pack's archaic beliefs and traditions. At the end of the day, he's a wolf and she's a cat. A romance would be forbidden. 

Werecats can't be trusted. They are the enemy. That's the motto Nate Tucker grew up with, but when he meets Tess, he can't help feeling protective of the beautiful feline. He knows he shouldn't care about her, and he shouldn't be attracted to her, let alone desire her, but the feelings are undeniable. Tasked with escorting her to a nearby pride, Nate must fight his passion for Tess. His mother and his pack would never approve of an interspecies romance. But as they unravel secrets from the past and discover new threats, a taboo romance is the least of their concerns.

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