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The Sonship Of Our Lord

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A believer’s adoption as a child of God and our Lord’s sonship are two important doctrines in the portfolio of our faith. Unfortunately, they have not been given the importance that is their due, nor have they been well understood by most. This failure to understand the sonship of our Lord and Savior properly has led to many doctrinal errors such as those propagated by the Church of the Later Day Saints. Most believers today have little or no knowledge of how they came to be a child of God, only knowing in some general way that this took place when they exercised faith in our Lord as their savior. They do not realize they are a child of God only because our Lord was the Son of God, and that our adoption comes through Him. Failure to recognize our adoption as children to be the extension of Christ’s sonship has resulted in the loss of one of the most powerful scriptural arguments for the security of the believer.
Because our sonship, our adoption as children of God, is a direct application of the sonship of Jesus Christ to us through our identification with Him, we cannot properly what our sonship is or what it means until we first correctly understand the sonship of Jesus Christ our Lord.”
This booklet is a five-part study of the sonship of our Lord and our adoption as children of God. It examines how the title, "The Son of God" is used in the New Testament. It then looks at the central New Testament passage declaring our Lord's sonship, Romans 1:3-4. Then turning to three Old Testament passages, 2 Samuel 7:12-16, Psalm 89 and Psalm 2, one sees the Davidic Covenant which guarantees this sonship. The fourth part takes up our adoption as children of God through our identification with our Lord in His sonship. Finally, in the fifth part the believer's privileges and responsibilities as sons and daughters of God are examined.

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