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Chronicles is a collection of 65 poems by Acie Cargill. They concern events and people he has either observed or thought about. They are written in a journalistic poetry style that he learned and developed with his mentors Mark Strand and Gwendolyn Brooks. There are six poems at the end by Lauren Seeley and one by Marlene Broderick.

Cargill has written a series of poetry books which will be soon published relating mostly to events and attitudes of the past 50 years. He hopes that future generations will be able to use this material to apprise and evaluate life at this time.

Some of the poems are from the words of Martin Luther King, Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and Abraham Lincoln. Some are critical of environmental abuse, animal abuse, police brutality, self-abuse, general unfriendliness among neighborhoods, the adulation of English and other royalty, the way homeless are treated, and excessively large homes and the lifestyles that goes with them.

Some of the poems are adulatory for individuals such as Danica Patrick, Bobby Thompson, Green Beret heroes, war protesters, hobo Liberty Justice, climber Ron Kirk, Pope John Paul II, IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, Coach Jack Robinson, Jack Kervorkian, and Greenpeace activists. There are also tributes celebrating the 50 years of statehood for Alaska and Hawaii.

Cargill is an environmental and animal rights activist and a member of American Mensa and the Grammy Association.

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