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Pilgrim Book I: OneTrue Follower

Length: 452 pages6 hours


The novelty of a man on an unusual quest quickly fades as strange occurrences mark his impromptu rallies. He comes and goes as he pleases and authorities have no information on him, his real name or where he's from and begin questioning whether he has an underlying agenda, suspect he isn't working alone. To escape unwelcome attention, Dove MacKenzie agrees to take an assignment to prove her mettle; see if she can't learn about the man simply known as Pilgrim. Posing as a reporter from high school, she strikes out to observe this Pilgrim and ferret out his past. Tension between officers Greene and Barrett pits them against each other. Greene, a realist, believes skepticism is the best approach while Barrett follows her instincts, puts faith to the test and approaches Pilgrim with a sympathetic demeanor in order to win his trust, Worlds collide as suspicion reigns supreme, the man known as Pilgrim causes Dove, Barrett, and Greene to doubt the motives of every organization and individual they encounter while battling the elements for survival. Who's telling the truth, what is the truth about Pilgrim, and what will it mean to those who discover it?

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