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Magicks Uncaged

Length: 245 pages3 hours


Can Reece and Damian rescue the witches, shifters, and vampires trapped in Morpheus’s lab to breed?

Two young vampires escape a secret lab and race to Bay City to beg for protection. Reece Rutherford—a witch—and her mate, Damian—a gargoyle, rescue them from the cruel sire who chases after them. Morpheus is determined to either get them back or kill them. They’re just as determined to lead the witches, gargoyles, and werewolves of Bay City to Morpheus’s lab, where he’s caged shifters, witches, vampires, and incubi so that he can breed them to create SUPERnaturals.

Reece and Damian agree to help Gideon and Cordelia, but the brother and sister have never been out of their cage before, let alone Morpheus’s lab, and they have no clear idea where it is. First, the allies have to find it, and then they’ll have to battle their way inside it, knowing the lab is filled with creatures that have never existed before.

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