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The Company Man

Length: 327 pages3 hours


Andrew Birch is a Company Man – a spy, a soldier, a saboteur... a corporate terrorist by any other name. He is one of the top operatives for Astradyne, one of the giant corporations that now rule the irradiated world he lives in. Among his peers, his ruthless efficiency and his love for the company are legendary.

Then, on a routine mission, a chance encounter puts an all-too-human face on the consequences of corporate rule. As Birch begins to question the world he has helped build, corporate war breaks out - and he now finds himself a pawn in a game that goes deeper than he ever imagined.

And Birch begins to wonder if perhaps he has put his faith in the wrong thing...


“What makes this a better book than most is the real growth in the characters… a book worth the attention of those who like spy thrillers with a little extra.” –LOCUS

“On one level, The Company Man is a violent, exciting, snapping-good suspense yarn. On another, it’s a worrying premonition of a future that doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.” –Minneapolis Star-Tribune

1989 Locus Award Nominee – SF Novel

A Locus Recommended Novel

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