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A Dark Country

321 pages5 hours


Meet Jack Duncan: a hunting guide who’s spent his life tracking beast, fish, and fowl across the wilds of North and Central America. Now, Duncan’s after a different kind of prey, and these are no ordinary hunting expeditions.

Meet James Beck: rich and powerful beyond imagination, bored with chasing sheep and elk, and sociopathically committed to ridding the world of its most violent criminals.

Together, they form the inner circle of the Hunt Club, a hunting outfit that caters to wealthy, restless sharpshooters with a hankering for human blood. Membership is for life, but Duncan wants out. He doesn’t trust Beck, and he misses his family back home in Montana.

The past is close at Jack Duncan’s heels as he trails all manner of human scum through jungle, river, and mountain, and his fears are growing with the list of victims. Can Duncan untangle himself from The Hunt Club before becoming its next target?

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