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The Devil Made Me Do It: Speak of the Devil, #2

The Devil Made Me Do It: Speak of the Devil, #2

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The Devil Made Me Do It: Speak of the Devil, #2

261 pages
5 hours
Jun 15, 2015


When the demons strike back, there will be hell to pay.

Lily is kidnapped from school and brought face-to-face with the devil himself. Not only must she crack an ancient prophecy, but she also has to break the curse silencing God to keep the remaining angels from falling. That's if she can survive the horrors of Hell and find her way back home to Luc.

Of course Lucifer has plans for her that don't include her ever getting out of Hell intact. If she can't save the world, all Hell's gonna break loose!

Fans of Lauren Kate and Becca Fitzpatrick will love this new divine spin on angels and demons!

Buy The Devil Made Me Do It to continue this dark romantic series today.

The reviews are in!

"5 Stars!"

"Anytime I can laugh and gasp, be happy and sad while getting mad at a book means that the author did an AWESOME job."

"I honestly couldn't put it down!"

Jun 15, 2015

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The Devil Made Me Do It - Shawna Romkey


1. Kung Fu Fighting

Get the girl! someone shouted behind me.

Hey, I’m a girl…

We’d thought most of the demons had been killed or had scattered like cockroaches in the uprising last fall, but small attacks still surprised us from time to time. This was one of those. As we crossed the empty gym with our lunch trays, we saw three of them heading straight for us. A quick glance from Luc’s deep green eyes, and I knew it was time to test out some of my training.

I palmed my butter knife before Luc and I simultaneously dropped our trays. We spun around to see three demons charging at us. I almost felt sorry for them. I mean, Luc was here. Just three? How cute!

I positioned myself in the ready stance, waiting for them to come at me, and opened my senses to prevent a surprise jump from behind in case they were a mere distraction.

Luc stood at the ready, fists tight, back leg behind him to brace for the impact. I focused on the attackers. Luc remained serious, though I knew he would have no problem taking all three on by himself. I figured I was safe and was really more concerned about messing up in front of him.

We waited for what seemed like minutes at the half court line as they ran for us. Just as they got within range, I slid my lunch tray out with my foot. Perfect timing. One demon hit it with a hard step, and it caused him to lose balance and fall, his knees crashing into the gym floor.

Nice one, Luc said, leaning back to dodge the blow from demon thug #1, and coming up with an uppercut on #2.

Thanks. I turned to face my demon as he struggled to stand, putting Luc and me back to back.

My demon, a young looking blond guy built like a football player, snarled, kicked my tray away, and came at me again. He looked like a regular high school jock, but I knew if it were sunrise or sundown I’d be able to see his true demon form, horns, ruddy skin, tail and all. As it was lunchtime, though I just had to assume that we hadn’t offended the Pep Club who’d sent the jock squad after us, and that us being jumped was part of the angel life I was now living.

I watched wistfully as my spinach salad with feta and strawberries spilled all over the gym floor, but I had to concentrate. Behind me, I heard punches and grunts as Luc handled the baddies. I knew they were under control because, well, for one, they were fighting Luc. So duh. Luc was the leader of the guardian angels here last fall during the first demon uprising, having had no experience or anything leading up to it. He managed the rescue after the explosion at the school before he saved me and was beamed up to Heaven. Then he came back down, and it took nearly forty demons to capture him. He’s tough. He’s commanding. He’s got green eyes to die for. He’s got these biceps that just make you wanna….

Focus Lily, demon thug coming at you in three…two…one…

I snapped the knife out like a gang member and pivoted, so he was coming for my right side. I slashed him with the knife, which, being a butter knife, barely made a mark. He stopped short, looked down to see if I’d even torn his shirt, which I hadn’t, then grinned back at me and laughed.

Luc must have turned to watch. No sounds of a struggle came from behind me. He was probably done already.

Stab, not slash. Think of your weapon. He stood back to let me handle it.

The demon quarterback frowned and lunged for me. I had to do this right. Knowing Luc was watching, I gripped the knife and did a quick jab at the demon, spilling warm blood on my hand for only a second before he dusted on the gym floor.

Ewww, I said, wiping my hand on my white Keep Calm and Kill Zombies t-shirt, which was decorated in red zombie blood spatters anyway. Nice. No one will notice.

I glanced around Luc to see his demons unconscious on the floor. He sighed heavily and went to demon #2’s side. Kneeling next to him, Luc did the angel-healing thing. Healed by a wave of green energy, the demon’s eyes fluttered open. This one was noticeably skinnier than my football guy. Not fair.

Before the demon could speak, Luc asked him, Do you repent your sins and turn to the light? Skinny jeans demon looked confused at first but saw his buddy demon start to stir.

He spat at Luc. Hell, no! The demons are coming! You’re all gonna die!

Bad idea. Luc snapped his demon neck. Before his words had stopped echoing in the vacant gym, the demon turned to dust at our feet.

The remaining demon’s eyes went wide. Luc asked him the same, Do you repent your sins—

Yes! Yes, I repent! he said, cutting Luc off.

Luc took out his Blackberry and made a call. Yes, Father. We have another one… Behind the gym… Sounds good.

He looked at me. The church will get him shortly. Help me tie him up.

We found some jump ropes in a pile on the floor and tied him. We dragged him outside the gym and in minutes, a hearse pulled up to collect him. A young man in priest’s robes and a plain dressed middle-aged woman took him with a nod to Luc, and they were gone.

Well? I asked.

Well what? Luc said, but he couldn’t keep the smile from his eyes.

Well, how’d I do?

He turned to me and took my hands. You were amazing as always. He gave me a quick peck on the forehead and I beamed.

We went to see if any of our lunch was salvageable.

What about these piles of dust? I asked, glancing around at the evidence we’d left from the fight.

Luc sighed. I’ll find a broom. He headed off to the coaches’ office.

I picked up the non-spoiled food, trying to save as much of my salad as I could. Then I heard it. A slight pop of the gym floor, which a few months ago before my practicing and my demon readiness preparation, I’d never have thought twice about. I froze, though, giving away the fact I’d heard whomever it was.

Then there was the click of the gun. I took my tray and spun it Xena chakram style at the hooded figure behind me in an effort to surprise them so I could scramble away, but it wasn’t enough.

BANG! The gun went off, and warm blood spilled from my side, making my already bloodied zombie shirt even bloodier. People will probably notice this, I thought. The noise and the blood. Everyone was in the cafeteria eating lunch, so maybe the shot would go unheard.

I couldn’t see who it was. A black hoodie shadowed their face. They spun and ran out, heading through the door we’d come from, going back into the school.

Then the pain hit me. That and the awful feeling of my own blood leaking from my side. I had to stop whoever it was, though, so I blocked as much of my senses as I could. I followed the shooter, trying to catch them before they were loose in the school.

I staggered back a step, then tried to stumble forward after them, bleeding as I went, a breadcrumb trail for Luc. I got to the gym doors and the top of the stairs. The stairs. Our stairs by the theater where we hung out before school, where we ate lunch. The ones where I’d first seen him sitting outside the drama class with the others, all of whom were actually supernatural beings. Some angels, some falling angels. It was amazing how fast this area had been repaired and renovated only a few months after the bomb had gone off. I held onto the rail but was losing blood and felt weak. I couldn’t hold myself up any longer and tumbled down to the bottom, the pain from the bullet wound stabbing at my side.

Lily? Luc said from the stop of the stairs. What—?

Someone shot me, I whispered.

With his angelic speed, he was with me in an instant, using his healing energy to help. In seconds, I was fine, though still covered in blood.

Someone in a dark hoodie came in after you left and shot me! Whoever it was ran out the gym doors, but I lost them.

In a blur, he was gone. I caught my breath and stood, checking out my bloodstained shirt. He was back before I knew it, shaking his head with a dejected look on his face.

No sign of anything out of the ordinary. Here, let’s get you into the dressing room.

We were at the bottom of the stairs, next to the drama classrooms and across from the theater. He helped me down the hallway to the side dressing room door, though the pain was pretty much completely gone now. Maybe there are some clothes in the dressing room you can change into.

Before we went in, he stopped short. There’s something I want to ask you, he said.

As usual, I was distracted by his eyes. Still tired from the attack, I leaned back against the brick wall outside the dressing rooms and gazed up at him. God, your eyes are so green, I said, not thinking.

Watch your mouth, he chastised, pointing a finger at me. Slowly it fell and lightly touched my bottom lip.

Sorry, I said. Truly, I forgot about the whole using God’s name in vain thing a lot. Being with Luc felt so natural, so right, so normal. It was hard to think of him as an angel from Heaven who at one point had been able to speak directly to God.

He leaned in and kissed me. See, stuff like that made me forget he was more than just my boyfriend.

Since our ordeal earlier in the year, he’d changed me. Not changed me completely, but changed me back to who I had been before the accident. Well, that and more.

The accident, my death, and the deaths of my best friends Mike and Julie had sent me spiraling into a place of darkness. He had brought me back into the light. My savior. My protector. My guardian angel, I said aloud.

"You’re my angel," he said.

I scoffed.

I’m your telephone, I answered.

He leaned over me, one hand on the brick wall behind me. It’s true. You are the angels’ only communication link to Heaven. But that’s not why you’re my angel. He brushed the hair hanging down in front of my right eye back behind my ear. You think I saved you, but you saved me.

I broke eye contact, glancing down at my hand and the Claddagh ring he’d given me. I straightened it on my finger, not really knowing what to say.


I looked up at him.

I don’t know if you’ll think this is stupid or pointless or not. You may have no interest whatsoever, but I thought I’d ask anyway, he rambled.

I frowned, waiting for him to say whatever it was that was making him sound so goofy.

Lily, will you go to the prom with me?

I burst out laughing.

I guess that answers that, he said, his face reddening. He pulled away from the wall.

No, no. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. That just seemed so funny coming from you. I grabbed his arm, pulling him back to me.

What does that mean?

I’m sorry, no. It’s just… You’re an angel here on a mission to keep the demon army in check, and here you are going to high school, stealing kisses under the stairs and asking me to prom. It just struck me as funny.

Glad to be so entertaining, he said, but I could see he was hurt.

I would love to go to prom with you. Are you kidding? I turned his face to mine and looked in his eyes, trying not to get all paralyzed like I usually did. Going to prom with you would be a dream come true. Whether you’re an angel or not. I love you, Luc. I kissed him gently on the mouth.

He smiled. Are you sure? Because if it’s not your thing, we don’t have to go.

Of course it’s my thing. Well… I paused.


It’s my thing if I’m going with you. Otherwise I wouldn’t be caught dead… I trailed off. It’s astounding how many figures of speech referred to being dead. I couldn’t just skip over them lightly. Having actually died and lost my friends, I felt the weight of the words when they fell from my lips.

Luc knew this, and touched my cheek.

Good. He changed the subject. I guess I’ll need to figure out where to rent a tux.

And I’m going to have to go dress shopping. Sophie will love that! My little sister loved any big girl activities she could go with me on.

He looked down the hallway by the bottom of the stairs again, always on guard. Let’s get you in here. He gestured to the dressing rooms behind me.

Since the demon outbreak, we tried to act like everything was normal, but a lot of questions still loomed over us like who had planted the bomb that blew up the school? Luc and I had been in that explosion. We had seen our friends fall right before our eyes. Mo, Sean and Hillary had gone from being our allies to our demon enemies while our school literally fell apart around us. They couldn’t have planted the bomb, though, because up until that point they’d been on a path for good, a path for Heaven. It wasn’t until the explosion that they’d fallen.

We sort of knew why they’d fallen, or why angels fell in general. God was gone. The Silence, as it was being termed, had severed many of the angels’ ties—whether physical or spiritual—to Heaven, leaving them vulnerable to falling. Then it just boiled down to where they were in their hearts. What were they thinking? Were they hanging on to their faith or slipping away?

Mo had been hanging on until the revelation that I had chosen Luc. I mean, that seemed to be the turning point. We’d just had that discussion before the explosion; he turned violent and changed in the aftermath. Hillary had been a major hose bag since the first time I’d met her, so who knew where her mind had been. Sean, too, had seemed lost and angry since day one. And now he was dust.

Violet had fought her falling, trying to find her faith the entire trip downward, and in the end made up for it when it counted. She and Mo were, for lack of a better word, in rehab in Heaven. Hillary, former classmate turned demon, was still on the loose, and we had no idea where to find her. Maybe she knew who organized the bombing in the first place. But she disappeared from the field of battle with the Spirit Sword, the holy weapon that was super good at slaying demons, and we desperately needed to locate it. God only knows what the demons would do with a weapon of such divine power in their clutches. Literally. Only God.

Luc was in charge of the Kansas City area of guardians, which had been deemed Angel HQ since I was the only conduit to Heaven with the Silence of God in place. We’d made the gravel road by the horse pasture the contact point where we would meet the angels every twelve hours at dusk and dawn to exchange messages. That also seemed to be the only point and time angels could travel back and forth. When day turned to night and night turned to day. Light and dark. Good and evil. This wasn’t lost on me.

Mike and Belle normally came down in the few minutes we had available just to check in. Sometimes Tim, Cassie, Mya or Kara joined them. Gregor even made an appearance or two. I hadn’t seen the other junior guardians I knew since the explosion, but I’d heard they had survived and were working upstairs.

The guardians were all good about checking in and having communications open, which made me wonder how they’d lost track of God, for God’s sake! I mean, it’s not like He’s somebody’s cat or something. He’s God. How could He be gone? And why? If He’s all-powerful and everything, how could something bad take Him? Hurt Him?

No one had the answers.

We often discussed how I gained my ability to tap the boundaries between Heaven and Earth to speak to angels, and the only answer we came up with was that when I’d crossed over after the car accident, something had stuck with me. Some tendrils of divinity had touched me or tainted me. I guess that made sense. The car accident was around dusk. I’d drowned and gone to Heaven. I’d made contact with angels and returned to my body after several minutes. Doctors couldn’t explain it, and now angels couldn’t explain my newfound ability to talk to Heaven. I was simply inexplicable.

Things settled after everything was resolved, and my grades went back up. Life with the fam was much smoother. Dad and Cheryl adored Luc. But I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want an actual angel for their daughter’s boyfriend? Not that they knew about all that, but he was obviously one of the good guys and it showed. I made more regular contact and visits with my mom, which made her feel less out of touch. Mr. Potter had nothing to meet with me in the hall about, and I’d done surprisingly well on my last few math tests. Now I even had a date to prom with the most beautiful boy in, well, the whole state. It was all good with the exception of these recent demon attacks.

Which was exactly why I was scared to death.

2. Cranky in the Morning

The next day, the morning air stung my cheeks as I pulled my winter coat up around my chin, the fur lining tickling my face.

Ugh. It’s cold and I’m tired, I complained. Why do our communication meetings have to be so early?

Luc smirked, not even reacting to the late February wind, his flak jacket open and flapping slightly. Because sunrise is early and that’s when we meet them.

Sunrise is always early! Every day! Which means I have to get up at literally the crack of dawn every…single…day. I trudged forward toward the barbed wire fence, the few inches of snow that covered the ground making it seem like mountains to conquer.

Are you seriously whining about angel communication times? He stopped, pulling me towards him.


Wow, you are cranky in the mornings. He walked on. This is the time of day that you shine! So start shining, would ya? Almost there.

I exhaled dramatically and watched my white breath dissipate in front of my eyes. "I am cranky. I’m just saying a day off every now and then would be nice. Couldn’t

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