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After That Night

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She wants to have this baby alone

Jenna Rawlins is a strait–laced kind of woman. As fate would have it, the one night she goes a little crazy and allows herself to be seduced, she becomes pregnant. It's bad timing, since she's trying to claim her independence from her overprotective family, but she's bound and determined to have this baby alone. After all, she's successfully raising two boys by herself after kicking out her good–for–nothing husband. Another baby she can handle. Another man? Forget it.

But he won't let her

Mark Bishop has discovered Jenna's condition and wants to be part of his child's life. But Jenna doesn't believe the confirmed bachelor is up to the challenge. So she tests him making him spend time with her boys, showing him what it's like to be a parent. The problem is, he loves this life that's been thrown at him, the boys, the child on the way and Jenna.

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