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Going Wild

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Roland Carter arrives in South Africa full of hope and excitement. His relationship with Helen grows; his stature on the farm Pramkop grows, and so too the home he has always dreamed of. Then reality strikes. He finds shelter with an old friend on a game farm and for the first time meets the truly wild animals of Africa. He has heard of these creatures, but never met them face to face. When his friend dies, the children force Roland back onto the road. Going nowhere. Facing the ever deepening realities of a disillusioned world, Plant Kingdom, a giant seedling nursery, contracts him to build a new office complex. At last, Roland can express all of his creative talents. Then disaster strikes; the floods ravage the nursery and disease wipes out the seedling plants. Roland is told to pack his bags and leave. He wanders north and finds employment at Logan’s Camp, rebuilding the cabins destroyed in the floods. Here, nature speaks to Roland; his mid opening to the messages of the animal world. But why do only certain animals speak to him? His journey diverts from the mundane search for work to the exciting search for meaning. He decides to live alone in the wilderness and through isolation and discomfort find his true place in life.

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