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The victim of the automobile accident was burned so badly that identification will be difficult, if possible at all. Leaha finds this highly suspicious, since this fire was much more intense than fires normally associated with auto accidents. Then, Leaha discovers that a woman posing as the alleged victim's wife is being temporarily housed in a Taos hotel. Two mafia type enforcers from Las Vegas arrive and visit the phony wife, who immediately checks out of the hotel and departs for the airport in Albuquerque. The mafia people try to follow her but lose her at the train station in Santa Fe. She next surfaces in Chicago.

On a hunch, Leaha and Tom fly to Las Vegas in Tom's airplane. While in Vegas, they receive a tip that a questionable patron is spotted in one of the Vegas casinos. When Leaha visits the casino, she is sure the subject is the alleged victim, Billy Bob Rhoads. He is wearing a disguise so Leaha poses as a cocktail waitress to obtain a glass with the subject's finger prints. When Tom and Leaha attempt to depart Vegas, Tom discovers a bomb hidden in the landing gear compartment of his airplane.

The beneficiary of the policy is a trust and when the trust administrator attempts to collect the proceeds of the policy, there is a show down in Leaha's office involving gun fire.

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