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Her Lion Billionaire: Supernatural Billionaire Mates, #3

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As a Sandman’s daughter, curvaceous Charlotte Winters inherits her father’s power to see into people’s dreams, and sometimes more. That’s why she’s always avoided skin-to-skin contact. One day, a man saves her from a traffic accident, and Charlotte sees a vision of him and her making love, getting married and having children. The problem is her children aren’t completely human—they are lion cubs, and he is a shapeshifter. Problem number two: the man is the tall, dark and blond billionaire bachelor in town who sweeps women off their feet with his good looks and charity works. Freaked out at what she saw, Charlotte swears she isn’t going to be near him ever again. Ever!

Businessman and pride alpha Daniel Addington is curious about the woman he saved, to the point of obsession. When they touched, he felt the sparks—quite literally—and saw his future flash before his eyes. But Charlotte is playing hard to get, so he decides to kidnap her. She knows his family secret, but Danny intends to keep it a secret. Plus, that voluptuous body and innocent face of hers make him drown in lust, as the beastly feline part of him wants to mark and claim that woman as his forever.

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