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Raven's Bride

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She can't get a decent man in the real life until one day she is kidnapped and brought into a world full of hunk-a-licious winged warriors. Oh, what a girl to do?

Pressured by her parents for a grandchild, successful attorney Jolene Richardson has the birthday blues. She always had bad luck in the romance department, so finding Mr. Right seems like a tall order. But her fate changes when she’s kidnapped by a tall, dark and handsome stranger who turns out to be her long-forgotten childhood friend.

Jolene thinks Micah Raven had gone off his rocker when he tells her that she is his bride, and he has come to claim her. It doesn’t matter that Micah had grown up to be a sinfully hot, irresistible man. A girl has her pride too.

But things go way over of her head when Micah takes her into another realm, home of the black-winged avian shifters. There’s no way she’d let herself becomes a trophy in a world ruled by male chauvinism. If a guy wants to get his hand in the cookie jar, he has to work for it first, right?

Suddenly, romantic warfare never seemed so enthralling…

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