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The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing

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The down and dirty guide to publishing and promoting your book!

2016 Edition
Since 2010 I've been working in the self-publishing/Indie brave new world. I've been updating this guide to keep the links current and to reflect the changes that continue to rock the publishing world.

This guide is to help you on your social media marketing and eBook publishing journey with plenty of resource links.

Chapter ONE The Basics
     Writing Resources 
     A Good Book Cover
     A Catchy Book Blurb
     A Brilliant Book Sample
     Formatting your eBook
     Uploading your eBook

Chapter TWO The Essentials
     Author Blog/Website
     Social Media Platforms including Book Groups
     Manage/create an email list

Chapter THREE The Marketing
    Marketing your Masterpiece
    BONUS by J. Thorn
    The Future of Storytelling
    Author Beware

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