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The Soul Stone: The Word and the Sword, #3

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The Soul Stone: The Word and the Sword, #3

Length: 422 pages6 hours



As the Skull King's armies mass on Nulor's border, Finian and his friends return to the Paideia. With them comes the Steward-King himself, with all his retinue and soldiers. The Paideia is the best staging point for Nulor's armies.

While the whole kingdom braces for war, Finian is plunged into the world of politics, intrigue, and rivalries between mages, Lords, servants, acolytes, and elvish thralls.

To make matters worse, an unknown traitor lurks in their midst, using their prejudices and suspicions to turn would-be allies against one another. It is only together that they can hope to survive the coming storm.

Following *The Book of Secrets* and *The Mirror of Life*, *The Soul Stone* is full of captivating characters, mystery and intrigue, and an explosive finale that will leave you breathless.

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