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Revolution Chronicles: The Head of the Snake

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.Two men rekindle their friendship after many years and discover they have a common conviction: the government of the Unites States is completely screwed up and there is only one remedy- violent revolution. Dan Mayhew runs a PR firm and e-Speak, an on-line magazine. He’s a gambler, a risk-taker, and a man deeply scarred by his past and thoroughly radicalized by the present. Jack Bowen, a retired one-star general, lost his only son to a corrupt and senseless war waged for corporate profit. He’s looking to save what’s left of the military and country he loves. They agree the real power structure behind the government needs to be taken down, and they plot a campaign of intimidation, blackmail and death to eliminate the influence of the rich and powerful special interests, the head of the snake. They recruit a financial wizard, military intelligence expert, internet genius and a black ops specialist. They call their group We The People.
After months of planning, they strike. The group publishes a Declaration of Revolution, list of Demands and a Declaration of War. The first target is a man who “owns” many politicians, having forced them publicly to commit to a promise, but also by funneling money into their personal and political pockets and blackmail. The second is a powerful businessman, who, along with his brother, runs a massive super Pac and controls other political organizations. New statements follow, and two CEO’s of investment banks go down. Other deaths follow.
Meanwhile, Liberty or Death, a militia group, is also plotting to take over the government. We the People uses them to misdirect the government investigation. They have also infiltrated government offices, and their Labyrinth Technologies is conducting a fake investigation into the militia. Their final action takes out the five most powerful men in the world. With the Feds closing in, Mayhew and Bowen make a run for it. .

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