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Bubble of Time

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All is not well in the mythical county of Lyonnesse, lost somewhere between Lands End and the Scilly Isles. Murder is afoot, possibly. A local landowner is found dead in mysterious circumstances. The murder weapon is his simple-minded and lethargic pet Labrador, for whom chewing a stick is too much like hard work.
But Lyonnesse, although concealed by ancient enchantments, is real. As our hero, for want of a better word, Dave (a young clerical assistant who has led a rather normal and boring life up till now) finds out when he stumbles into it one Sunday morning whilst out riding his motorbike.
After stopping for directions, Dave makes his way home only to find that, instead of a few hours, he has missed a whole week. Desperate to try and correct his mistake, he returns to Lyonnesse. Whilst there, he is befriended by the landlord of a local pub and persuaded to stay and help investigate the murder. But this is only the beginning of his adventures.
As Dave begins to prod and poke around, a well renowned blacksmith is blown up in his own forge.
Dave's normal life vanishes forever as he has to get to grips with such controversial conundrums as magic, time travel, combined theology, four dimensional politics, the descendants of the Ninth Roman Legion running a pizza restaurant, a walk around the block which leaves him with hair down to his knees, the Loch Ness monster, Nostradamus, intergalactic ginger beer, Aunt Aggie's feral cats and Merlin (the most powerful magician the world has ever known) sleeping off a hangover in the corner of the bar.
All this and he has to be back home by teatime a week ago and take his girlfriend out for a meal.

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