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Just Tell Me What to Say. Online Dating Profile Builder and Messaging Wizard for Men in their 20's

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There are tons of books out there telling you how to set up a profile, how to be original, and how to choose good photos. Many of them are helpful and offer advice for how to say things, but none of them tell you exactly what you should say. The purpose of this book is to answer that all-important question, “What should I say?”

The following chapters are set up based on what aspect of writing you’re stuck on, whether that’s writing the opening lines of your profile, describing the kind of girl you’re looking for, or constructing emails and messages that will get responses. This book is your tool. Think of it as the online self-construction wizard, the spell-check on steroids, or the Gandalf of wise wooing. It’s meant to be used like a menu to mix and match the pieces that reflect you as well as to give you the language to start a meaningful conversation with that girl you’d like to get to know but are afraid of scaring away. It’s your ticket to sound cool, get noticed, be bold and confident, and land that first date. Copy and paste the things you like. Change them up if you want.

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