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Mission To Cyma

310 pages5 hours


The Magic spaceship hurtles through galaxies to reach the Planet Cyma. The earth's Cyman colony hasn't communicated with them for two hundred years. The Marine's and scientists aboard The Magic don't know what they'll find; a mutated race of Psi Dissidents, a failed colony, or utter destruction ? WWIII has devastated Earth; NASA scientists are counting on Planet Cyma as their last hope for the continuation of their mighty civilization. A "Rover" is sent down to investigate, programmed by a Female Marine, Sgt. Marisa Iannis. An advanced colony is found, with a Psi training program developing the " Kuma" or "Wave, " in physics. A love story, adventure-thriller, and action packed Science Fiction story, Mission To Cyma appeals to all audiences.

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