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Haunted Macomb

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The Illinois town of Macomb is the perfect example of an old prairie town that has grown from an unforgiving frontier into a modern and diverse community in the twenty-first century. Since 1828, spirits of departed citizens have stubbornly remained dead above ground within the county. Meet the Woman in Black, who gave the coal-mining community of Colchester an additional burden of dread to the one they faced every day beneath the earth. Both kindness and suffering indelibly mark the old orphanage where the unselfish hands of Josie Westfall still care for unseen children. And then there's the presence of Belulah Wagle, the brutally murdered wife of a bootlegger, in the cemetery where her remains were finally laid to rest. Garret Moffett will guide you among witches and poltergeists in this expert tour of Macomb's haunted history.

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