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Nanites The Awakenings

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Nanites The Awakenings
Strange lights flash high in the sky; four days later a human infection by nanites of an unknown source is discovered by the CDC. Research shows an infection rate of 100%; everyone on the planet has tiny, minute machines running around in their bodies doing something but what is unknown. The nanites are found to have two variants; as they are the first nanites discovered they are labelled Series 1, Category A and Category B. The Category A's are universally spread but the Category B's are only in a very small percentage of the population.
Three days after the CDC's discovery, the Secretary of Health and Human Services decides not to inform the President or the public that all are infected/invaded by micro-machines some of which are displaying high activity that our top scientists don't understand.
Two days later individuals infected with Category B Nanites around the world started spontaneously combusting when exposed to sunlight. Two hours before sunrise on the eastern seaboard, CDC confirmed only the Cat. B's were affected. The head of CDC immediately called the Secretary of Health and Human Services. She did nothing. Instead she demanded stateside confirmation before setting off a panic. She was to give the President a morning briefing, but that was at ten. Over five thousand people in the US burst into flame in the time that took. The hospitals might have known how to treat these people if a warning been sent out. A hundred died because they didn't know what to do.
Cali Walker, Animal Care and Control Officer in Los Angeles County is caught up in by this affliction and accompanying hysteria. Like thousands of Americans and over a hundred thousand people worldwide, she struggles to both put her old life together and forge a new destiny for herself and these ‘new people ~ the Awakened.

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