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Bolton: Historic Tales

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Scrape the city off your shoes as you enter the town of Bolton, where both historic and natural heritage are remarkably preserved. In this panoramic view of Bolton s past, DePold retraces the footprints of Mohegan natives, pays homage to the natural, glacier-carved cathedrals of Bolton Notch and calls up the ghosts of the town s bluecoat boys, lost in the Battle of Antietam. Follow the long strides of Reverend George Colton across the fields of Bolton
Heritage Farm and catch the ringing echoes of famous sermons by Jonathan Edwards, Bolton s first pastor. From rugged bullpunchers and lumberjacks to the sweethearts custom of bundling, from Revolutionary taverns to George Washington s eggnog recipe, these historical sketches will leave you with a lingering nostalgia for the old days of rural New England.

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