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A Fortress Defiled

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Jillian Jax is an agent in the Special Homicide Unit, an elite division within the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Special in Jillian s world means serial killings, mass murder, and ritual slaughter. As Jillian embarks upon each investigation, troublesome past life experiences, shared with the killers, are revealed. The murderers of today are malevolent manifestations, ghoulish beings echoing down through the ages. They have committed atrocities in the distant past, and are reincarnated in the present day, intent to repeat the crimes of their former lives. It is now Jillian s job to break the links that have chained her to the traumatic events of the past, and bring the killers to justice. In A Fortress Defiled, Jillian confronts a blood-thirsty thug who is kidnapping and murdering St. Paul s promising young men and women. The killer is a mirror image of his former self, a prince who, four hundred years ago, preyed upon the youth of the Carpathian Mountains.

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