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Holding Hands With Grace: Grabbing On to the Adventure of a Lifetime

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Life is difficult. We’ve all been enlisted into the fray of life’s challenges and none of us get to tear up the draft card. And the pain that comes by way of that conscription touches us all. It’s as though there’s a grab bag of pain and everybody has to take a turn. No one gets a pass. There are no mulligans, no do-overs.

But what do I do with the problem of that pain? Where do I go? How do I seek out answers to the big questions? And can any good come from life’s hardest times? This is the story of faith, of family and of special need. It’s a father’s wrestling match with the pain of his daughter’s medical diagnosis and the powerful purpose contained in that tiny, enormous, extraordinary life.

This is our story–together. What it means to hold hands with something traumatic and transformative at the same time. What it means to grab on to the adventure of a lifetime. What it means to begin Holding Hands With Grace.

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