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Radical Joy: How to Live Like There's No Tomorrow

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Using stories from the dying, the traumatized, and the brave Phyllis Coletta exposes the razor's edge of living life to the fullest. With great humor and searing directness she compels readers to examine their own lives from the perspective of the end - after all, we all have a terminal illness. Drawing on experience as a Zen Buddhist chaplain, an Emergency Medical Technician, and her own journey through breast cancer, Phyllis focuses in on the behaviors, attitudes, practices and skills of people who endure trauma and emerge even better - a phenomenon psychologists call "Post Traumatic Growth." Who knew that when bad things happen to good people, good things can happen? How do we build our lives in preparation for the worst while living every day to the fullest?

Phyllis provides questions, exercises, and a solid roadmap (The Top Ten Habits of the Healthy) for people who are ready to live authentic lives of joy. This book will engage you right from the start and - if you commit to the practices and exercises - it will change your life deeply and for the good.

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