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Cyn: The Chameleon

224 pages9 hours


Year 2035

Cyn is a Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA) operative on assignment in Mexico, where a weapons deal goes wrong. She is force to shoot and kill another agent because she doesn’t know which side he is on or whether he is a rogue double agent. They assemble inside an old warehouse to negotiate the deal. Another agent was embedded with the cartel, which wasn’t revealed to Cyn for both of their safety. She arrives at the meeting and exits her red Corvette and walks up to the three Hispanic men. Emmanuel walks up and starts to pat Cyn down as she flinches from the man putting his hands on her body. Then he reaches under her skirt and slides his hand up between her legs. She shoves him away as he realizes she is carrying a weapon. “She’s packing,” Emanuel tells the other two men. The other men put their hands on their weapons. “Stop!” A voice emanates from the shadows near their vehicles.

Cyn strained her eyes trying to see who the voice belongs to, but the man stayed in the shadows so he wouldn’t be recognized.

“Where are the weapons?” he asked?

“I didn’t bring them because I don’t trust any of you,” she said. “I have them stashed and waiting at a close-by location.”

“We don’t have time for nonsense,” he said as he pulled out his cell phone and placed a call. After he finished the call, he pulled a black duffle bag from his car and said, “That was my contact and he stated there is no close-by location and this is a setup.”

“Kill the girl!” a voice came from the dark. Cyn quickly grabbed her weapon from her inner thigh holster as someone started firing from the dark. One round hit him in the arm as Emmanuel pulled his weapon and put a round in the center of her chest. As she fell to the ground, she fired one round in the chest of Emmanuel, instantly killing him.

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