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Today, the marital infidelity cases among spouses and lovers are being treated only in the physical and psychological realm, which I believe is only partially effective and correct. For it is my contention, throughout this book, to show that without any consideration of the ongoing assault in the spiritual realm the infidelity battle between spouses cannot be properly addressed or won. This book will show you through the polygraph technique and investigative procedures coupled with field observation what to do and ask when marriage infidelity happens to you or when you suspect that infidelity is ongoing in your relationship. I have included here in this book critical marital questions to ask your suspected cheating spouse that I have applied throughout my thirty-three (33) years in the polygraph profession. This book and questions presented to you is to be applied two ways, the first is when pushing comes to shoving in order to seize the high ground and the second is to remedy the transgression in question. That said, though this book may have the initial appearance of being a religious book, it is far from it, but rather a dark journey and spiritual battle into the paranormal and supernatural against a invisible demonic being named, Sharmuta, who is affecting you directly. Sharmuta, cannot be controlled with physical medicine or psychiatric analysis nor killed with guns or knives, yet I believe, she is the root cause of your problem. This book is based on my thirty-three (33) years of experience as a state licensed polygraph examiner and sixteen (16) years as a state licensed private investigator who worked the streets and entered into the homes of working people while dealing with the marriage problem at point blank range under dangerous, hostile and explosive situations that was even life threatening at times. For as surely as you know intuitively that out in space there are billions and billions of galaxies with each one containing trillions of planets, one knows intelligent life must exist. So it is with the spiritual realm, one intuitively knows that it exists beyond our extremely limited visual spectrum and there is where Sharmuta roams unopposed seeking the destruction of men and the ruin of souls. It is my intention therefore, to show an unseen living world that exists all around us which is affecting our lives dramatically. What I have experienced firsthand is that the battle of infidelity cases initially occurs in the spiritual realm by a demon, I seen and named, Sharmuta. I have seen the witch with her “Evil Eyes” and formless floating body whose destructive fury has destroyed so many innocent women. I will show you how a supernatural encounter prevented me from killing two young little girls preparing for Holy Communion. I will show you when I first encountered the spirit of Sharmuta and when “beings” visited me in the mist of hundreds of people whose embodied demons were tormented by their presence. I will show you how angelic divine powers protect their own and how demons control people to murder them and destroy you. This book is written for you, for you will sense something strange about this book, which is assuring, terrifying and alarming. For it is a knowing and an awakening from your slumber. Out there, Sharmuta will come for your man with her poison for she is irresistible to the desires of men for she is death in high heels with hell following with her. Indeed, I hunt her, for I have seen her in the spirit realm which is why she wants me dead for exposing her invisibility to you, for she hates the light and transparency and cloaks herself in darkness and secrecy. For it is my sincere hope that my critical “visual” observation and relevant polygraph questions presented to you in this book will help you gain some leverage or advantage to the crisis that many married women will have to face with their loved one, either now, or in the not to distant future.

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