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Prosperity Lake

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Henry Hawkins lives a charmed life. At thirty-three, he’s a successful author and soon to be married to former ballerina and now supermodel, Greta Hunter. When his estranged Uncle Arthur dies rather mysteriously and wills Henry the cottage on Prosperity Lake, stating it would be a stirring place for him to write, Henry can’t resist checking it out. With Henry just beginning the highly anticipated third novel in his hit thriller crime series, the timing couldn’t be better. He packs up their two doxies and leaves his condo in Chicago to head for the north woods. The place seems perfect. Uncle Arthur was right ... something about the place is stirring his creative juices. He has never written better. But as the weeks go by, Henry begins to suspect that beneath the seemingly quaint facade of Prosperity Lake, there exists a hidden lethal side as well. As suspicion gives way to bone-chilling reality, he is unwittingly thrown into a hellish nightmare, the likes of which he could never have imagined.

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