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The Hunter and The Healer: A Werewolf Hunter Paranormal Romance

178 pages2 hours


She saves lives. He takes them. It would never work, but they are destined to be together.


Arielle Rosellini has a healing gift. When she stumbles upon a mysterious, gravely injured man in the wooded hills of northwestern Connecticut, she doesn't hesitate to heal him and get him to safety.


That man later reveals himself to be Dane Devron, a werewolf hunter. Dane has seen firsthand how brutal and vicious werewolves can be, and he has made it his mission to kill every last one of them. Arielle thinks Dane is delusional when he starts rambling on about werewolves, but when she is kidnapped by the very pack that attacked Dane and left him for dead in the woods, she is stunned to realize that he was telling the truth.


The werewolves are definitely as savage and cruel as Dane warned her they were; that is, until Arielle meets Jonah Lesine, the handsome, young alpha of the pack. Jonah shows another side of himself to Arielle, making her doubt Dane's assertions that all werewolves are dangerous and need to die.


Arielle begins to wonder who the true savages are; the werewolves, or the werewolf hunters. She needs to find a way to convince Dane that not all werewolves are evil, and Dane will do whatever it takes to save Arielle before history repeats itself and he loses everyone he cares about...again.


** Contains violence and sexual content. For mature readers only.

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