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So much depends on getting your premises right. If you start with sound premises then you ought to be able to draw sound conclusions from your sound premises. Look at Israel. If you start with the premise that says God favors Israel over her Muslim enemies, then the Israelis ought to remain in Israel. But if you start with a premise saying: God doesn't exist, or, God exists but He doesn't care 2 cents about Israel, or God exists but He is a pro-Muslim, anti-Israeli sort of Deity, then the Israelis would be wise to vacate Israel, to emigrate to nations where they will not be surrounded by people who want to murder them and their grandchildren, and murder their grandchildren's grandchildren and murder their grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren, or murder their...

Suppose you start with the premise that both John 1. 1-14 and John 14. 23-26 are true. The former tells us Jesus is God and the latter has Jesus / God saying those who love Him keep His words and those who don't love Him don't keep His words. So everything ought to be easy if the premise is true. We ought to be able to draw sound conclusions since we have God's / Jesus' words in the New Testament. Look at Matthew 16. 13-19, which tells us God / Jesus has founded His Church on a rock and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. So we now have to determine if the gates of hell have prevailed against the Roman Catholic Church or not. No sense in being a Protestant if either Rome or Eastern Orthodoxy is God's True Church. But if the gates of hell have prevailed against both of those churches, if both have fallen into heresy and drag souls down to perdition...

Like in Aeroflot Flight 593, Moscow to Hong Kong. The captain begins with the premise that it's a good idea to bring his kids into the cockpit. One of his kids sends the Airbus into a dive. The dad is screaming at his kid to get out of the captain's seat but the kid can't move because of the g forces. The co-pilot levels the plane but over-corrects and sends the plane straight up. They stall, then they level out, but too late, they crash, all die.

Or suppose you're chatting with pretty flight attendants, and you forget to read the part on the checklist saying extends flaps and slats on take-off...

Daniel 12. 1 says the Jews will be delivered during a time of enormous trouble on earth when the archangel Michael shows up. And these 3 angels from heaven mentioned in Revelation 14. 6-11 are scheduled to show up. And the Antichrist and the false prophet are on the schedule as well. So don't confound any angels from heaven with any angels from hell! Like a smart airline pilot, make sure you check your checklist, and make sure you got a good checklist.

1. Check to make sure you have God's new law on your heart.

2. Recall Matthew 26. 28, Jeremiah 31. 31-34, Ezekiel 36. 24-28, Isaiah 59. 20-21 etc. If you keep flip-flopping on big issues then you don't have any Divine Law written on your heart. If you say one thing on Monday, and change your tune and say something else on Tuesday, and then change your tune yet again on have to stop flip-flopping to have any hope of having a Divine Law written on your heart.

3. So much depends on giving correct answers to a few questions such as: Are John 1.1-14, Colossians 2. 8-10 and 1 Timothy 3.16 true?
4. Is it a sacrilege to say the cross is evil?
5. Is it a sacrilege to say the cross is holy?
6. Have the gates of hell prevailed against the Roman Catholic Church?
7.Have the gates of hell prevailed against the Eastern Orthodox Church?
8.Have the gates of hell prevailed against the Church of England?
9. Have the gates of hell...

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