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No Promises

Length: 170 pages2 hours


Womanizer. Surgeon. Irresponsible. Privileged. For better or for worst, Michael had been them all in someone’s eyes. He just couldn’t figure out who he thought he was.

Michael Mason III is a promising young cardiac surgeon with an unquenchable passion that leads him into the arms of one woman after another. Though he is content in his lifestyle, his father, Michael ‘William’ Mason II is fed up with Michael’s irresponsible behavior. William looks to retirement with his son following in his footsteps, as he had followed his father into the position of hospital administrator. Michael has no such aspirations, or any that is father can see. Disheartened, William exiles Michael to their inner city clinic in Langston to learn some “real life lessons”.

The reassignment is the first in a string of seemingly unrelated events that leads him down a path into confronting old relationships and creating new ones. The drama escalates as he is teamed up an old medical school friend. Their friendship soured years ago when friendly competition turned personal. Tensions mount between them as their competitive nature resurfaces and old wounds are reopened. Fate, however, pulls Michael in a completely new direction when a chance meeting enkindles an unlikely romance that totally alters his whole perspective. Soon his new life is an entanglement of rivalry, love, friendship, soul-searching, loss, and reconciliation. In the end, Michael finds himself awakened to the realization that there is no such thing as coincidence; everything happens for a reason.

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