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Stay Active Longer: Simple Steps You Can Take To Preserve Your Muscle and Joint Function As You Grow Older

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There are things that only we can do to help preserve our muscle and joint function as we grow older.

This book, written by a medical doctor, examines the causes of the loss of muscle and joint function commonly associated with aging, and introduces a series of new ways of thinking along with simple exercises to help us stay active and functional as long as possible.

The book’s clear, easy-to-read style and numerous simple illustrations make it fun and easy to understand the importance of the topic, and to make changes that protect and prolong our muscle and joint health and function as we grow older.

Our bodies are our intimate partners. Friends and spouses may desert us, our financial situation may rise or fall, all sorts of things may change but our bodies invariably remain with us. And specifically, our muscles and joints and their function provide the platform on which we play out of lives, and in great part determine what we can or can not do and for how long. Just as we may plan for our financial future, we should plan and take steps to preserve, protect and prolong the function of our bodies.

Life often provides a grace period when we are younger, but after a certain age chinks begin to appear in our musculoskeletal armor. Small pains become chronic pains. A little disability can become a permanent disability. We may be forced to stop doing things we want or need to do. Many of us may accept this diminution in our muscle and joint health as a simple fact of aging. But much of this loss of function is predictable and is related to simple correctable causes such as weakness or loss of flexibility in muscle groups and mal-alignment of our posture.

There are things that only we have control over and can do that can prevent many of the assaults on our muscle and joint health and help us stay active and pain free longer. Solutions offered by doctors, surgery or medications are often remedies at best, but don’t often address the underlying reason or causes of our loss of function.

Stay Active Longer presents a solid background on the causes of our loss of muscle and joint function, and focuses on doing four things: staying strong, staying flexible, correcting and maintaining our posture, and staying active. It offers new ways of thinking and encourages new habits to prolong function. Specific targeted exercises are also offered throughout the book that address common muscle and joint problems, along with universal exercise menus.

By taking simple actions ourselves, we can help prevent or at least forestall much of the muscle and joint disability commonly associated with aging and allow ourselves to remain functional and active longer into our later years.

This book is a completely revised, rewritten version of the author’s book “Funtional Fitness—Look Younger, Stay Active Longer”.

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