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Athwani: 1

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This is the first volume of Manaswini's short stories from yester-era, recent past and contemporary times. Manaswini's style of presentation is simple as if she is talking to us readers and makes a good light reading. The times have changed in Marathi world quite rapidly and she has gone into the characters so well that they appear real people you may know. One seems to wonder if it's her grandma's story, her mom's or her own! It brings out life situations of a middle-class Maharashtrian girl from a Puneri orthodox background who moved into Mumbai after marriage and later ended up in London. She struggled educating herself, worked in small office jobs before becoming a teacher. She spent most of her teaching life in a cosmopolitan Mumbai after marriage and interacted with different non-marathi folks as her students or their parents. These stories describe her challenges, her nature, the family she belonged to, the social norms of those days, the joys and struggles of those times, contemporary values, school, working life experiences, how people were, how things changed etc. etc. Her stories take you to another world and she gives us readers a slice of life from 'those' times in a charming narrative style. Each chapter is a memory that stands on its own with her reflections from past and present, but there are subtle links chapter to chapter. The book is very addictive and you will be glued to it from its beginning to the end.

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