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Centereach, Selden, and Lake Grove

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The hamlets of Centereach, Selden, and Lake Grove are steeped in history. Revolutionary War captain Daniel Roe foiled British attacks on the area, saving lives by evacuating citizens via whaleboat to Connecticut. In 1818, the New Village Congregational Church was built in the small community. Over 200 years later, it still stands as a nationally recognized landmark. Albert Norton's Wheelmen's Rest on Bicycle Path refreshed weary cyclists during the cycling craze of the 1890s, when hundreds of miles of dedicated side paths were constructed for enthusiasts. Modern hero Clarence Dare, state district fire ranger, guaranteed safety from the heights of Bald Hill's lookout tower during the 1920s and beyond. Brookhaven police officer Alvin Smith patrolled from Smithtown to the Riverhead border to protect his neighbors in the 1930s. Together, the residents of these hamlets built and maintained schools and community organizations that nurtured and supported their vibrant, growing population.

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