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The Playgroup: A Novel

Length: 332 pages4 hours


Single mother Jill Everts brings three-year-old Daisy to New York, hoping her daughter will make friends and forget about her imaginary ones. But Daisy’s new reality scares Jill even more than the precocious child’s fantasy world. When Daisy meets Stephanie, James, and Nick at a Central Park playground, they recognize each other although they’ve never met before. Some wild circuitry seems to kick in; the four kids connect so powerfully, they can move objects without touching them. They can maybe even bring back the dead. What is their mysterious link? Why is a super secret government agent convinced that Daisy is the perfect human being—and why should Jill allow him to tap into her little girl’s mind? Then there’s the wife of Jill’s lover—how far will she go to get her hands on Daisy?
Although The Playgroup is about four extraordinary kids, it’s also about the dazzling potential in all three-year-olds. As every parent knows, only a gossamer wall stands between our hopes and fears for our children.

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