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Volume 1: Exploitation, Social Justice, and Paradise

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Due to the fact that we have been living in an environment of scarcity for thousands of years almost every aspect of our society is designed to facilitate human exploitation. The defining reality of 21st century life is that such exploitation is not as beneficial to humanity as it once was, and it is becoming less so every day.

Humans living in an environment of scarcity was once a fact of life, now it is not. While we do have the ability to adapt to our new reality, we are continuing our subpar existence due to our own change-resistant natures, as well as the greed, and/or fearfulness, of those who hold positions of power.

Human society is changing much, much faster than it ever has, and our inability to adapt to our new reality is the biggest problem our species has ever faced. Being exploited, when there is a reason, is acceptable, but when people are faced with a situation that they are unable to rationalize trouble is bound to occur. People being used, manipulated, and oftentimes downright violently oppressed just so that a small portion of our society can amass more wealth than they need, or can even utilize, is something that is very hard to rationalize.

Any valid reason for continuing such exploitation is exponentially becoming more scanty and nebulous. This is a much bigger problem than anyone could guess because our inability to rationalize human exploitation will continue eroding society’s stability, at an ever-increasing pace. This book seeks to do battle with the beliefs, practices, and thought processes in general, that perpetuate illogical human exploitation.

I have informally divided this book into three sections: children, individuals, and society in general. Enabling children to grow up to their own version of perfection is fairly easy. Changing your life for the better is achievable. But it is very difficult to change human society in general. It is so difficult that one of the smartest humans to have ever lived, Plato, wrote in The Republic that his ideal city would have a much easier time existing if everyone over the age of ten were expelled from it. Personally, I feel that such an action is not an acceptable solution. I like to think of myself as an “accept the things that you cannot change and change the things you can” type of person. We are entering a marvelous new era. Seize the day!

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