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Dragon's Secrets

301 pages2 hours


Ages 16+

Layla wasn’t your typical seventeen-year-old. Her idea of a good time was hanging out with her dad fishing. She’d never showed any interest in the opposite sex, because she’s been dreaming of a guy since she was little—well his eyes, anyway. What would happen when he starts talking back?

Emry was the king of the dragon race. With the last Great War bringing them to the brink of extinction, the council insisted on mating him with yuries. He nor his dragon were interested. They desired their mate. Emry knew she would come. One day, during his morning routine, she stumbled into his mind. He caught her scent and instinctively connected with her.

Thrust into a world she knew nothing about, Layla must uncover the hidden mysteries of her birth, and finally, unlock the secrets surrounding her mother’s death. However, with dark secrets comes hidden dangers. With spies infiltrating the palace, Layla would unearth a secret that would shake the seven realms and discover people would do anything to silence her. And, Emry would have a fight on his hands like never before as he faces off against sorcerers, dragons, and even gods to keep Layla by his side.

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