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Victory Jones

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It's been a long journey from the state orphanage in Louisiana to the strong, independent woman Tory is now. After all, she must've been inspired to survive against all odds at birth. As an infant, she'd been abandoned outside the Federal building with only a note, 'Victory is her name.' Identical twins, Broyden and Bladen O'Bryan have been playing 'switch-off' for years. Since not even their parents can tell them apart when they're role-playing, it's a convenient tool. Throughout their lives, they're mastered the art of switching identities from grade school activities right on through college classes, and later to women and random occasions. Tory Jones arrives at Blade's ranch house late, having had car trouble on the back, country roads all day, but it's Brody she meets and Brody who signs off on Blade's insurance claim. However, the next day, when she returns, it's Blade who's there to meet her. Although Tory's confused that they've developed this crazy chemistry between them so quickly, she'd been so impressed with what she believed was Blade's polished gentleman's manners and hasn't a clue that Blade isn't the same man she first met. The switch goes seriously awry when Tory accidentally gets caught up in the dangerous war Blade's been fighting with the Mexican cartel war-lord, Chulacabra. Tory's confused and devastated when Blade ends their relationship without explanation and leaves the state. She meets Brody by accident and is suspicious that Blade hadn't told her he had an identical twin. Now, it's Brody picking up the pieces of her broken heart. Intuitively, she knows they've duped her in mixing identities. But how many times and when? But most importantly-how far did they go with their switch and ditch game?..And, are they doing it, still?

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