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A Fallen Woman

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When Nash Guthrie offered for Rachel Sheridan, he had no doubt she would accept him. He was young, personable and rich and was considered the catch of the Season. So her rejection cut deep, so much so that he abandoned England, taking himself off to the Continent to lick his wounds and recover. What starts off as a month long break to forget the love of his life, extends into three years. But he can't stay away forever. He needs to come home.
Life has not worked out as Rachel Sheridan thought it would. Her first Season in London saw her hailed as the Incomparable, a creature who had everything and must always shine. But then she runs away with a scoundrel and, instead of the glorious life she had once anticipated, she is a fallen woman, a creature shunned by the very people who had put her up on a pedestal.
Then Rachel's sister Charlotte falls in love with Nash's best friend Adam and past and future collide. Nash gave his heart to Rachel once and swore he would never love in such a way again.
But then he saw his fallen woman and everything changed...

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