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Blood Lies

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Blood Lies brings Romance and mystery in the Kentucky Bluegrass to horse lovers and suspense fans! At fifteen, Edward Falk Whysse, called Ted, fled his family's magnificent Kentucky Thoroughbred breeding farm, Holyhead. He fled as well his vengeful infatuation with Lucky, his hated father's beautiful young wife.
Now, eight years later, Ted returns to Kentucky. His father's dying, but Ted's not there to make peace. Nor has he come back to contest Lucky's ownership of Holyhead's most spectacular creation, the Triple Crown winner Kite. Instead he comes to pay homage to his best friend, premier jockey Alejo Asolo, who died when his Lexington horse-country home burned down.
The police conclude Alejo's death was murder and their investigation begins to implicate the residents of Holyhead, especially Lucky. Does she know what Alejo was up to? Did she have a hand in what got him killed? For Ted, shielding Lucky if she's guilty will buy her, spiting his father's ghost.
Slowly Ted pieces together the threat Lucky lives under—and the secret Alejo died for. Every truth he learns digs him deeper into heartache and betrayal. The life of the great stallion Kite hangs in the balance unless Ted can uncover the blood lies of his past and face them. But rescuing Kite means sacrificing Lucky and the vengeance he's long craved—and maybe his own life as well. Can he find it in his heart to turn his back on hate and choose love?

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