The Fairy Princess Wedding

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The Fairy Princess Wedding

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Length: 123 pages1 hour


Excitement and anticipation fill Fairylands the world over when the Fairy Queen invites all magical creatures to a wedding – and not just any wedding; it’s a Royal Fairy Wedding!

An Elf Prince and a Fairy Princess are to be joined as best friends forever, but there’s a mystery. The invitation declares the event a Surprise Royal Fairy Wedding! Just who is it that’s getting married?

Fairies Harmony and Rhapsody find themselves in a glittery whirlwind of wedding planning, but alongside the excitement is the ever present meddling of a naughty gnome, who seems intent on creating wedding mischief.

When the naughty gnome’s magic brings an ill wind, it whirls and twirls a tiny fairy so hard that her dress, wings and memory are tattered beyond recognition, and the race to be ready for the wedding must merge with the quest to find the little fairy’s identity.

The perfect magical bedtime story to read to your little fairy or elf.

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