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Golden Hour

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Between accidents, patients, and their own traumas, emergency room doctors Amanda Hogan, Fraser Anderson, and Nathan Wahr have little time to develop personal relationships. But if they’ll just take a chance, they’ll learn that they only need a small window of opportunity for passion to bloom into love. Philippa Grey-Gerou is pleased to bring you her blazing hot, new romance, Golden Hour.

In the emergency room, the first hour after an accident can be the difference between life and death. For Dr. Amanda Hogan, that hour has become a metaphor for her life. Back in the ER for the first time in two years, she is trying to recover from a terror of her own, all while juggling the interest of the acerbic but talented Dr. Fraser Anderson and the devastatingly charming Dr. Nathan Wahr.

Fraser has his own trauma to deal with, or not. He doesn’t need another doctor invading his ER, especially not when Nathan is a constant presence and a constant reminder of when Fraser was at his most vulnerable. But his denial of Nathan weakens as his attraction to Amanda grows.

For Nathan, it’s all a waiting game. He knows his reputation as a ladies' man is a double-edged sword, and Amanda isn’t easily taken in by a pretty face. But he wants her as much as he wants Fraser, and he’s not afraid to say so.

In an emergency, there is a small window of time between life and death. Sometimes in matters of the heart, that’s true as well.

Content Notes: Intense, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, M/M Scenes, Contemporary, GLBT, Ménage

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