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The Kingfishers

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Corruption in politics leads to strange bedfellows; action, adventure, romance, mystery and suspense in Thompson's latest thriller

Action, adventure, romance, mystery, suspense from the author of best-seller The Black Owls.
The politics of nuclear power – played out at the highest levels of the United States government – combined with an angry man’s search for redemption, make The Kingfishers a story as new as today’s headlines and as old as Eden. Tommy Sawyer’s new job in Washington provides him with a first-hand view of the dangerous corruption among the politicians and businesspeople charged with producing the nation’s nuclear energy. When he tries to expose it, the situation escalates – thousands of people are at risk of annihilation, and millions more suffer from the “fallout.” Against this backdrop, Tommy encounters the woman who walked out on him twenty years earlier. His struggle to come to terms with the rage that has consumed him ever since, and the possibility that they might reconcile, add an intensely personal note to a cautionary tale about “power” in our nation’s capital.

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