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Secret Lives: Vol. 4 - Upside Down

Length: 27 pages21 minutes


Volume 4 of the Secret Lives series! 

Nate is a very lucky man. Somehow he got Hannah to marry him even though she is the perfect woman and he’s, well, far from perfect. She's sweet and sexy and all she wants is to make him a happy man. 

Or at least that is what Nate thought, until Hannah started working late every night. Having hushed conversations on her phone late at night. Sneaking around. 

Now, after his secret rendezvous with Robert, Nate can't stop thinking about the man and won't stop checking his phone, hoping for Round 2. It never happens. Instead, he promises Hannah that it will just be the two of them this evening; he owes her at least that, after being such a liar. 

He comes home to find his lovely wife in lingerie, but she has a hot surprise for him too… 

Warning: This novelette contains hot and heavy action, m/m, f/m, spicy descriptions, steamy, sultry times and a cliffhanger. Read at your own risk...or delight! 

Praise for Owen Wilde: 
"Erotic in a "this could happen in real life" sort of way, without being over the top, it contains a well written and descriptive sexual encounter. More than just a quickie, there is attraction, hints of deeper emotions and character development that gives a taste of more to come. Well written and edited, this brief yet complete story doesn't leaving the reader hanging. I enjoyed this short story and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick little read to pass the time."

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