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Mind of Man, An Animal Farm

Length: 69 pages37 minutes


Animals have one mind. Animals do not change their behavior with time, place or situations. So, once we undrstand the animal mind, you can pass the knowledge to several generations. That knowledge is valid and continue to be valid for centuries.
The Man is different fro animals. His behavior changes with time, place, situation, society. Dissecting the minimal minds Man, you find it is madeup of several animal minds, We knew it intuitively. We call animal mind and human Mind-set!
The different between two human beings are: (1) The composition of animals in the mind-set.(2) The extent of domination within the mind (3) Domination of a particular animal mind in each situation. Tf his book deals with those animals, the four dominant minds that create four classes of people.
Their economic and social makeup. A Lot more. Useful to anyone in public life dealing with a large section of any society.

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