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Darkness of Order

440 pages7 hours


The dynamic new fantasy action adventure romance series by Lyndie Swedersky.

The second book in the Alecien Series, the dynamic new dark fantasy action adventure thriller saga by Swedersky follows the trek of Raillyn and Drake as they continue their battle against ultimate evil that threatens to destroy all.
After discovering the truth and who is behind the Elite, Raillyn is mysteriously gone. For the past six years Drake has searched for her and his daughter, finding nothing. During this time a new member joins the Elite, she is ruthless and cruel. In turn, she works side by side with Alkin, the very person who stole Raillyn away. Who is this new member and what is Alkin up to? Can Lord Drake find his missing mate, and daughter? Will the chaos erupting across the land be stopped or will darkness prevail?
Everything I do is for you, even if at times I refused to admit it even to myself, it’s the truth...

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