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Lawrence the Ghost

Length: 457 pages7 hours


Third action adventure thriller in the dynamic series, A Thirst for Revenge

Third in the dynamic trilogy, A Thirst For Revenge," this latest work by John L. Kinsler, "Lawrence the Ghost," brings this vibrant action adventure series to a shocking and unexpected conclusion. First there was "Lawrence the Father," who discovered that following the orders of his military superiors led to the needless slaughter of multitudes of innocents in the name of profit. Second was "Lawrence the Son," wherein the son finds that blood breeds true, like father - like son. He found the same avarice and corruption permeated the channels of authority, using and abusing the unsuspecting and unaware. Lastly is the third, "Lawrence the Ghost," the final revealing and electrifying work by KInsler, showing that even amidst all of the corruption, vice, fraud and dishonesty that rules the land, decency and romance can be found as Lawrence and his true-love Susan, seek safety in a hidden sanctuary, and new identities unknown to their hunters. Mystery and suspense, action and adventure, violence and killings, all in the seeking of revenge

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