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The Piano Player

Length: 202 pages2 hours


Second in the dynamic Jacob Schreiber Mystery series has the heroic private investigator tangling with Organized Crime, Beautiful Babes and Crooked Police.
As forceful as Mike Hammer, as smooth as Spenser; as dynamic as Sam Spade, as resolute as Philip Marlowe; as meticulous as Hercule Poirot, as staunch as Sherlock Holmes and as enduring and compassionate as Travis McGee, the new dynamo on the block, Jacob Schreiber, ‘Private Eye Extraordinaire’ rises to the top of the world of the Private Investigator made so popular by such superlative authors as Spillane, Chandler, McDonald, Garner and other greats. Now Beaulieu joins these other ambiguous writers as his exciting hero, Jacob Schreiber, is hot on the trail of a murderer, only to run headlong into Organized Crime and Crooked Police. The Piano Player is action, adventure, mystery, suspense at Beaulieu’s very best, full of mystery and suspense until the last breath-taking conclusion.

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