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The Devolved

Length: 341 pages4 hours


For years the Skukuza community had been clinging to the belief that their Utopia could not possibly be the last bastion of civilisation on the African continent.
Now there was hope, in the form of a vapour trail in the morning sky.
However, the hope soon turned to despair as a new threat became apparent.
Man was the apex predator, the undisputed king of all mammals. But now, over the arid plains and through the desolate jungles of Africa, extinction was stalking not only mankind, but all things living. Man was about to pay the ultimate price for years of benevolence and humanitarian aid, which had run out decades ago...
There is no circumventing the basic laws of nature – a fact that was about to become abundantly clear.

‘The first ones who dared to cross were compelled to do so by pressure from the masses behind.
None of them made it. From the flotsam rose a destructive force that had existed only in their genetic memory for generations. The folklore and superstitions of their ancestors had suddenly come to life.
The destruction was complete and the retreat chaos.’

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