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Cow Tipping After the Apocalypse

Length: 262 pages5 hours


Grieving the loss of her mentor and friend, Lenore is faced with the realization that August may not have been wrong about the impending war coming their way. As she buries one friend, another comes back from the dead. Priest, sober and far more receptive to a purpose beyond holy servitude, joins their group to help fight the growing threat in Nebraska’s mecca metropolis.

With Garrett also in for the long haul, Lenore falls back into bed with her former lover and abuser, much to everyone’s confusion and disapproval. Although Lenore finally admits to herself that Priest is the man she really wants, he is committed to denying her his love.

As the group struggles to find the right balance and cohesion, Lenore continues to resist any leadership, despite her promise to August. She is still far from convinced that she is going to play a significant role in this coming battle. Priest on the other hand discovers a new myriad of powers that may be integral to fighting the grim.

Although everyone is eager to get revenge on Adrian Dorn for killing August, Lenore is certain that he is even more dangerous than he appears and she wants to learn more about him before they reveal their intentions to fight him. What she discovers however,

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